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"JSF Good!" Says Rick Hightower If you have not looked into Spring yet, it is time. Here is why you should! Grady Booch once said that the great thing about objects is that they can be replaced. The great thing about Spring is it helps you replace them. With Spring, you simply inject collaborating objects called dependencies using JavaBeans properties and configuration files. Then it's easy enough to switch out collaborating objects when you need to. Spring allows you to dynamically add services to objects called aspects. This is similar to the Decorator Design pattern, but does not require you to recompile your code base to apply these services. This allows you to replace objects with objects that enhance the originals. The ability to inject collaborating objects is often called IoC (inversion of control). Thus, Spring is an IoC container. If you follow the latest ... (more)

BeanShell & DynamicJava: Java Scripting with Java

The past three articles in this series have highlighted the strengths of scripting languages. They're interactive and dynamic, and allow you to experiment, debug and prototype solutions quickly. However, the most common response when I speak to die-hard Java fanatics is, "Yeah, but I'll have to learn another language and I already know Java" (I consider myself a die-hard Java fanatic to a degree). To be honest, this is a barrier that most won't cross. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Well, in a sense you can. Y... (more)

How to Use COM/DCM: Part Two

Part One of this article appeared in the July issue of JDJ (Vol. 4, issue 7) How can Java classes be used as scriptable components? DCOM, like CORBA, provides both static and dynamic invocation of objects. DCOM uses type library to provide metadata to do the dynamic invocation and introspection similar to CORBA's interface repository or Java's introspection mechanism. IDispatch, a standard COM interface that supports Automation (late binding), is great for scripting languages such as Perl, Python, VBScript, JScript and so on. The Microsoft JVM implements IDispatch automatically for... (more)

Interview...with Mike Cowlishaw

Interview...with Mike Cowlishaw Creator of NetRexx R. Hightower: Have you considered an open- source license? M. Cowlishaw: Until recently the licensing issues seemed something of a minefield with so many different ideas on what open source should be. Also, my translator/compiler is very much a research scaffolding (for example, it has hooks, which look like dead code, for multiple input syntaxes). At the moment I'm (finally) implementing the interpreter pathways, which is very much a work in progress; this sort of thing is much easier to do when only one person is working on the ... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: Google's GWT "May Change Web Development Forever"

Time is a brutal enemy of youth and exuberance. Time makes cynics of us all. Time is the universal truth serum that reveals all authenticity. Time will tell, but the announcement yesterday by Google may change the faces of AJAX development, strike that, Google's announcement may change web development for evermore. This cynic heard an announcement yesterday that changed his viewpoint and beliefs on the future of web development. Certainly, in the recent past, the chances of doing an entire application in AJAX seemed remote for the vast sea of developers. The thought of writing a ... (more)